Friday, 23 October 2020


Something different.

I'm not sure if I dream every night? but there is usaully something going on if I'm woken after 1-2 hours of sleep (which due to my wife's medical condition is happening more frequently).
Usually the dream fades away within seconds of waking, even though I try hard to remember key facts.

Last night was one of those rare occasions where the bulk of the dream is still in my head.
Most dreams I remember are a strange concoction of people I know, places I've been, situations I've experienced, and a collection of TV and movie scenes I've watched, all jumbled up to make a story that seems plausible in my dream state.

This morning in real life I have one important thing to do, to go and pick up the wife's prescription.
So as best as I remember it goes like this -
I was in the local supermarket where the pharmacy is that I use to pick up and drop off prescriptions.
I am walking in the supermarket with a trolley towards the pharmacy when I notice my cloth face mask stretched across the handles of the trolley, I panic thinking I don't have my mask on and quickly go to put it on, but then find I'm already wearing a paper mask. For some reason I then put the cloth mask over the paper one and wear two at once.
As I get to the pharmacy I notice it looks totally different and quite strange, there is a big white space with several nurses all dressed in white behind what looks like four large baths?
In the baths are four old large ladies in medical gowns all with breathing masks on, I recognise one as my Auntie Audrey (who died about 20 years ago), we nod at each other.
I ask one of the nurses if this is still the place to pick up my prescription and she smiles and says yes, then she hands me a bag with only one item in it, my wife has four items each month (In real life the doctor had rung up and said they were giving her a new extra item yesterday), so I assume this is what is in the bag.
After asking the nurse for the rest she gives me the original four items in another bag.
Next scene - I am walking home from the supermarket but instead of the trolley I am now pushing a babies pram with what looks like a two year old child in it?
What starts out as local scenery soons turns into a heavily wooded area with large detached expensive looking houses dotted in amongst the trees.
The roads are still there but surrounded by trees, I take an alleyway to get closer to home which is again tree lined, but notice through the trees a large valley with a river running through it.
I can see houses by the side of the river and old couples are outside tying up boats to moorings, and one old guy is in a boat in the middle of the river fishing.
I carry on and suddenly get to what in my head is my local town, except it looks more like New York with skyscrapers and thousands of people.
As I walk through I become aware that I'm the only one wearing a face mask (indeed I have two on) and start to worry I will pick up the Coronavirus from all the gangs running around coughing and spitting at people in the street, sad to say I don't check to see if the child I'm pushing is wearing protection.
As I go to cross the busy road a cluster of 'saying it politely sex workers' come toward me asking "do you want the virus", I quickly get across the street and head for home.
Next scene - for some reason I am not home but now in a hospital.
I walk in and am met by two characters from the soap opera Coronation street, Ken and Daniel Barlow.
It seems I was delivering the child to his father Daniel who is in an agitated state and holding his injured arm.
A Doctor comes out of a room and says "bring him in now", at which Daniel starts shouting that he is not going in with that doctor, I ask him "why not" and he tells me that on the previous visit that doctor had dropped the child on his head and attacked Daniel, who pulled down his shirt to show me a huge scar on his upper arm.
Daniel shouts "I'm going to call the police", the Doctor says "it's me or nobody", Ken chips in with "calm down we will be there too".
Even in my dream state I'm totally confused with what is going on, and wondering why nobody else seems concerned.

Sadly at this point I was woken up and the rest of the story remains unwritten.
Possibly there will be a continuation during another sleep? but unless I'm woken during the dream I will never remember it happening.

Wish I was this inventive during my waking hours.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020


So the American election choice is either a) A geriatric with signs of dementia owned by big business or b) A geriatric with signs of dementia owned by big business?
Suppose they're lucky because they know what they're getting.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The Irony is Strong

Sudden calls from Tories to control the Main Stream Media after years of misinformation designed to prop up whatever lies the government is seeking to spread.
Newspapers all run by tax avoiding Tory supporting billionaires, and the BBC whose directors were appointed by David Cameron to control the flow of information, under threat of losing their licence fee.
Suddenly the weight of public opinion and falling revenues have forced them to print some actual truth, and the Right wingers don't like it.

Probably a great time to hold these people accountable, but in reality they will be gently reminded who looks after them and will all toe the party line once the current fuss has died down.

But it was fun while it lasted.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Common Sense

Interesting that several government ministers have been trotting out the line "the general public should use common sense", to excuse themselves from all the mixed messages that come out every day.
Obviously this is coming from Conservative HQ as part of "operation blameshift" which will be ramped up for the next few months as it is with every other disaster, just remember Grenfell which managed to shift the blame to the firefighters.

Sadly as this blogs title suggests common sense seems to be going out of fashion at an alarming rate, a quick trawl through social media shows a high proportion of the population are led by whatever they are told by the media, which as anyone with an ounce of common sense knows is agenda driven.
Sometimes you think their must be a program of brainwashing going on, as people you know and seemed quite well adjusted are posting whatever the media tells them and refuse to believe overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

"It was the public wot did it"

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


I like meme's, cartoons etc, they save a lot of typing.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Sunday, 29 March 2020


So Boris has got the clap, or maybe I've been getting confused with all the stupid posts I've read in the last few days?
Have to admit I knew nothing about the clap for the NHS the other day, just read about it afterwards from all those muppets who have been singing the Tories praises throughout this shitstorm.
I guess it was a guilt trip for all those who supported the party of austerity and the slow dismantling of the NHS after realising that during a crisis we really do need them.
Not that any of them get the irony of the whole situation 😒

Now I see there's a call to clap Boris??? for his cock-eyed handling of this whole situation.
If I hear any it will lower my expectation even further of the mental state of this nation.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Four Years

Four years since I posted anything, and probably over ten years since I posted anything worthwhile?
Maybe I should start again, but it got tedious when the only people who bother to comment are the troll types, who inhabit most online platforms and only live to criticise others.
Also depressed that it seems nearly all my family and most of my ex-workmate friends that I'm still in touch with, seem to have been brainwashed into a sheep mentality where they all believe and follow anything they are told by the media.
Much as I used to enjoy a good face to face argument where opinions could be expressed and I could refute anything I knew to be untrue, social media has pretty much done away with this.
At this time of Coronavirus it has become obvious that a more dangerous virus has been propagating for the last dozen years affecting the ability of people to think for themselves.
All that's needed is one hack to make up a story in line with the particular media's political leanings and print it on the front page, even if it is proved to be 100% fabricated they will only be required to print a retraction on page 19 in small print. Before that happens the headline has been shared across the internet by anyone of the same political persausion, then the sheep get on board thinking they've discovered something which will impress their friends.
Anyone with a basic knowlege of fact checking will usually ignore it, but sadly there are already millions infected by the "if it's on the internet it must be true" virus and will then start quoting it in conversations and the lie spreads. Any political question and answer session will usually contain a handful of placed stooges to bring up the lie and subvert any sensible conversation.

..... Oh what's the point? the muppets are taking over the world :(

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Election Results 2015

I meant to post this the day after the General Election back in May, but as I had become completely disillusioned with the whole political process I didn't bother, and going on the figures I guessed the British public couldn't give a toss either?

Dispiriting fact is that only two thirds of eligible voters bothered to vote.

The Conservatives got power despite gaining less than a quarter of the eligible votes and less than a fifth of the country as a whole … so much for democracy.

Love or loathe UKIP they were severely screwed by the first past the post system, picking up over a third of the Tory vote and ending up with one seat compared to the Tories 331? 
To a lesser extent the Liberal Democrats and Green Party also suffered from this system.

Sadly we all have to live with this result for the next five years, and with the current state of the Labour party and the Tory supporting media ramping up their opinions conning all the gullible people in this country, it looks like this is our future .... Bleak.

But I do like my facts and figures so here it is.

Or as a Pie Chart

 Or to show how Democracy actually works?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Labour Leadership Battle

Cooper, Kendall, Burnham or Corbyn?
When the names were announced I thought is that the best they can come up with?

Cooper and Kendall are usually out of their depth on question time, let alone trying to hold their own in Parliament.
Burnham seemed to be the one big name there, but have just found him to be a bit dull and stuck in the "wannabe" Tory mode.

Corbyn offered something different, but he doesn't fit the bill of "new" Labour, he's not young and bright to appeal to the image concious media and some of his policies just sound like "old" Labour.
But as a Labour supporter all my life, he ticks a lot of the boxes that I want filled for a leader of my party.

Do I think he will become Labour leader? Probably not as there are too many people calling themselves Labour supporters whose only interest is winning the next election, even if that means adopting all the Tory policies.

Do I think he will become Prime Minister? Not a hope, the Tory run media will slaughter him with every skeleton in his closet spun to make him appear a totally loonie leftie, and all the lemmings will lap it up even if Cameron is running the country into the ground.

Would I vote for him? Yes, if he gets good support in the country for his policies it might persaude some Labour supporters that they need to get back to being a party of the people, instead of the current position of pandering to Tory voters with a conscience.

Hopefully by 2025 Labour will have come up with an electable leader, who follows traditional Labour policies?

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Oh Yeah?

Good things come to the bosses of the companies that employ people to work their asses off for low wages, while they sit in their boardrooms drinking champagne and deciding who they can screw more money out of, while checking what the latest loopholes are for not paying tax.
... and before anyone says they probably worked their asses off to get in that position? some might have done, but a lot inherited it from relatives and haven't done a proper days work in their privileged lives :(

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Old News

Every day there is some story in the papers or online that seems to get Social media going nuts.
Today's was a story about how a father in Dubai stopped rescuers from saving his drowning daughter because if he had let them touch her it would have "dishonoured" her.
As it turned out the story appears to be true but it happened back in 1996, but for some reason was published today as breaking news?
As tragic and horrible as this incident is, I haven't seen many people condemning the Mail, Telegraph etc for bringing up a 19 year old story obviously with the intention of stirring up more hatred?
Sadly the thousands and maybe millions of comments that have been published today prove that the people will believe everything written and published without question and voice an opinion, yes this one appears to have been a true story, but so are all the historic atrocities performed by virtually every nation and religion in the world .. so how far back do you go to make a point?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Virgin On The Ridiculous

I think I now know why Virgin bills are so high.
Over the last week the phone has been making really loud crackling noises making most phone calls unlistenable, especially a problem with the answering machine as the 10 times a day scam artists / solar panel sellers etc never leave a message but we get a recording of several minutes crackling after they put the phone down.
So called up Virgin who arranged to send an engineer, booked for an 8am-Noon slot he turned up at 1pm.
As he listened to the problem I suggested it might be related to the frayed cable between the outside box and where it comes into the house? he said it was unlikely and preceded to change the internal socket which did not fix the problem.
After spending a couple of hours changing cables and connections in our outside box, the manhole about 50 feet away and in the main box 2 streets away the problem was still not fixed.
So he arranges for a senior engineer to come around and check the various cables in the street this morning, I am sure he replaced the same things as the guy did yesterday but somehow managed to cut off our internet and TV, the phone still worked but was still as crackly as before.
Called up the first engineer to point out we still had the problem plus new ones, he couldn't explain but said he would come back this afternoon, but would also call the area engineer to come and have a look.
Before he arrived the TV and Internet came back on, although he didn't know why?
He changes the internal socket again which makes no difference, so finally he checks and repairs the short length of cable between outside box and where it comes in for the internal socket (as I had suggested at the start) and finally problem solved.
I'm not a telecommunications engineer so what do I know, but just a little bit of common sense would have suggested that might have been worth changing first? :)

Bog Standard

Long overdue next post I know, and Just a couple of whinges sadly.
Replaced my toilet a couple of weeks back as the cistern on the old one had given up again, the diaphragm had split again and the rest was held together with cable ties.
As my disabled wife was having problems with the height of the old one it seemed a good opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and replace the loo with a new one.
Higher disabled toilets are really expensive so as I'm not too bad at DIY I bought a standard loo and built a platform for it to stand on and raise it about 3 inches which was what was needed.
Other than having to buy a flexible waste pipe it all went well and the wife is happy.

Here comes the whinge - it's one of those with the smaller "water saving" cisterns, the problem is if you've done your number two's (to put it politely) it takes at least 2 flushes to clear it properly and sometimes needs a scrub with the bog brush which was rarely needed with the old one?
so it really does not save water and probably uses more?

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

2015 So Far

Shaping up to be one of the shittier years of my life, but still 6 months to go?
Made redundant on last day of 2014 - Employer can't pay statutory redundancy. Six months later - Still waiting on the various government agencies to get at least some of my money back.
Jan-Feb - Signed on, various excuses and hold up's from DWP meant I only got 2 weeks JSA and no housing benefit.
Feb-April - Working in what should have been a life changing job with decent money, but company decided that I couldn't manage the 94 mile round trip every day despite the fact I managed it every day for my 6 week trial period. Job given to less qualified local (ex colleague of the manager) :(
April - Now - Signed on again, initially given Job seekers allowance but stopped after 2 weeks, reason given that my disabled wife with Muscular Dystrophy is not signing on as well, I have supplied letters from her neurologist and GP to state she is incapable of working without me (or a carer) being there to look after her.
But evidentally I am not allowed to claim job seekers allowance on my own as I am married? and that both of us despite handicaps should be out looking for work.
No housing benefit paid at all in either of the periods due to me not providing evidence of my son's wages despite the fact he does not live with us and I've not claimed for him? and them not accepting the proof of rent being paid from the council, even though it's the council that are asking the question?

Applied for another job yesterday working in the same industry as the one I was working in at Kent in February/April, same job description except the wages are only 55% of the other :(
The joys of trying to work in the minimum wage wasteland of Essex.

Was having a chat over the phone to a guy from the DWP trying to get some sense of why I've had no benefits for 6 weeks and he gave me a new perspective on "minimum wage".
I have always believed it was a good thing, but as he said "in the past companies would have to offer competitive wages to attract workers, but now they are only obliged to offer minimum wage and if all the companies stick together you really have no option" he agreed with me that wages in the semi/non skilled market have actually dropped in the last 20 years. I know this from experience in that I could quite easily walked into any job in the mid 90's and earnt at least £7 per hour, now those same jobs are paying £6.50 an hour, and you can't tell me that the cost of living has dropped in the last 20 years.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday, 1 May 2015


I know I swear a lot during conversations, but the language reflects the situation.
I rarely swear when talking to the wife or family, but find myself swearing to extreme in chats with workmates.
A good test is what expletive you comes out with when you hurt yourself, I have found that when I bang my little toe or hammer my finger, I usually manage to reel off the entire list of swear words in my vocabulary while hopping about or shaking my injured part :)
But I have surprised myself this week, twice in the matter of a few days I have been driving in the afternoon when one of the school run brigade have pulled out straight in front of me.
Both times I have anchored on the brakes and skidded to a stop (no ABS) before actually hitting them and without thinking shouted "Prat"?
Not the most offensive word in the world but obviously my subconcious brain thinks it's appropriate for the moment :)
When I've had a few seconds to think, the real offensive language takes over but by then the moment has passed.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Job Search

Back in 1997 a company called Orr**ge took over my contract at the power station and cut my hourly rate from £8.50 to £7.50 with the message of "if you don't like it, there are others who will take your place", I swallowed it as jobs were hard to come by and I had a family to support.
Luckily they were replaced a couple of years later and things got a little better although it took another couple of years to get back to wages I had been on in 97.

While still waiting to hear from the job I want, I have been trawling around the job sites for something else and I came across the same company requiring workers.
Now 18 years later they are offering £6.50 per hour on a zero hours contract.
I struggled back then now it's 18 years of inflation rises later.
The job itself is not at a fixed address so you have to travel around the country.
You get paid a petrol allowance and lodging only if it can't be done in a day, but that's it.
So you could be working in the Midlands and be expected to leave in the early hours and not get home till very late, and you only get paid for the hours spent on the actual job.
So an 8 hour shift might take 16 hours all for £52 less tax and NI, the petrol allowance does not cover the full cost and nothing extra is given for wear and tear on your vehicle or parking charges.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Election 2015

Here we are again, less than 2 weeks till the country decides which bunch of crooks it wants to put up with for the next 5 years :(
Although I have a lot of opinions on politics, this time I really have lost interest.
Same old crap trotted out by all the major parties, all saying pretty much the same thing to win over voters when you know if any of them get in they will forget most of it.
One thing seems different this time is that there seems to be an increasing number of people like myself who aren't falling for any of it.
In previous elections you always have to put up with many people that you know, just repeating whatever the Tory press have been saying and repeating all the lies, but it seems that more and more people are actually questioning what they are telling us.
That being said I still mix with a lot of people (family and friends) who have jumped on the UKIP bandwagon? which at least gives me an opportunity to discuss politics with them and put them right on some of the bullshit :)
I don't get the chance at home because the wife can't stand anything to do with politics or any of the leaders, which might be a good thing? as I'm sure my ranting would end up with me sleeping on the settee :)
Her view of political leaders - Cameron "snob", Milliband "more cheese grommit", Farage "looks like a frog", Clegg "looks lost", Sturgeon "didn't she used to be in Rab C Nesbitt?", Wood "who?", Bennett "her voice is annoying".

Who will I vote for? probably end up with Labour as I always vote Labour because it's who I've supported throughout my life even though they are just watered down Tories nowadays :(
I would probably vote for TUSC if they had a candidate in my area but they don't, and at the end of the day my vote will be wasted as I will end up with Roy Cropper lookalike David Amess.
The tragedy of living in the South East is that even though you never meet anyone who admits to voting Tory they always get in with a healthy majority :(