Friday, 23 October 2020


Something different.

I'm not sure if I dream every night? but there is usaully something going on if I'm woken after 1-2 hours of sleep (which due to my wife's medical condition is happening more frequently).
Usually the dream fades away within seconds of waking, even though I try hard to remember key facts.

Last night was one of those rare occasions where the bulk of the dream is still in my head.
Most dreams I remember are a strange concoction of people I know, places I've been, situations I've experienced, and a collection of TV and movie scenes I've watched, all jumbled up to make a story that seems plausible in my dream state.

This morning in real life I have one important thing to do, to go and pick up the wife's prescription.
So as best as I remember it goes like this -
I was in the local supermarket where the pharmacy is that I use to pick up and drop off prescriptions.
I am walking in the supermarket with a trolley towards the pharmacy when I notice my cloth face mask stretched across the handles of the trolley, I panic thinking I don't have my mask on and quickly go to put it on, but then find I'm already wearing a paper mask. For some reason I then put the cloth mask over the paper one and wear two at once.
As I get to the pharmacy I notice it looks totally different and quite strange, there is a big white space with several nurses all dressed in white behind what looks like four large baths?
In the baths are four old large ladies in medical gowns all with breathing masks on, I recognise one as my Auntie Audrey (who died about 20 years ago), we nod at each other.
I ask one of the nurses if this is still the place to pick up my prescription and she smiles and says yes, then she hands me a bag with only one item in it, my wife has four items each month (In real life the doctor had rung up and said they were giving her a new extra item yesterday), so I assume this is what is in the bag.
After asking the nurse for the rest she gives me the original four items in another bag.
Next scene - I am walking home from the supermarket but instead of the trolley I am now pushing a babies pram with what looks like a two year old child in it?
What starts out as local scenery soons turns into a heavily wooded area with large detached expensive looking houses dotted in amongst the trees.
The roads are still there but surrounded by trees, I take an alleyway to get closer to home which is again tree lined, but notice through the trees a large valley with a river running through it.
I can see houses by the side of the river and old couples are outside tying up boats to moorings, and one old guy is in a boat in the middle of the river fishing.
I carry on and suddenly get to what in my head is my local town, except it looks more like New York with skyscrapers and thousands of people.
As I walk through I become aware that I'm the only one wearing a face mask (indeed I have two on) and start to worry I will pick up the Coronavirus from all the gangs running around coughing and spitting at people in the street, sad to say I don't check to see if the child I'm pushing is wearing protection.
As I go to cross the busy road a cluster of 'saying it politely sex workers' come toward me asking "do you want the virus", I quickly get across the street and head for home.
Next scene - for some reason I am not home but now in a hospital.
I walk in and am met by two characters from the soap opera Coronation street, Ken and Daniel Barlow.
It seems I was delivering the child to his father Daniel who is in an agitated state and holding his injured arm.
A Doctor comes out of a room and says "bring him in now", at which Daniel starts shouting that he is not going in with that doctor, I ask him "why not" and he tells me that on the previous visit that doctor had dropped the child on his head and attacked Daniel, who pulled down his shirt to show me a huge scar on his upper arm.
Daniel shouts "I'm going to call the police", the Doctor says "it's me or nobody", Ken chips in with "calm down we will be there too".
Even in my dream state I'm totally confused with what is going on, and wondering why nobody else seems concerned.

Sadly at this point I was woken up and the rest of the story remains unwritten.
Possibly there will be a continuation during another sleep? but unless I'm woken during the dream I will never remember it happening.

Wish I was this inventive during my waking hours.

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